Introduction to “Fascial Counterstrain” (FCS) is your entry level course into the amazing world of
neuro-fascial dysfunction. This class, which acts as the pre-requisite course for the recently
developed FCS series, will provide students with approximately 10 of the most powerful techniques
from each class in the Fascial series: SCS VC-Viscera, SCS AR-Arterial System, SCS LV-Lymphatic-
Venous, SCS N1-Nervous System, Part 1 and the future SCS Ligamentous-Capsular courses. In
addition, students will be carefully instructed in the FCS “Cranial Scan” which allows for instant
diagnostic information regarding every system of the human body. Students will leave this class with
the ability to treat a wide variety of structures such as the epidural veins, visceral ligaments, radicular
arteries, the sympathetic chain, and even multiple branches of the Vagus nerve. You may be aware
that techniques exist to treat dysfunction outside of the musculoskeletal system. Become one those
rare practitioners who can assess and treat ALL systems. Change lives, not just symptoms, become a
Fascial Counter-strainer.

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