New Course Curriculum

After instructing on another successful SCS3 Cranial course with Randall Kusunose in Adelaide at the end of November, 2019 promises to be an exciting year for Counterstrain in Australia. It marks the start of a new introductory level curriculum with the previous SCS1 – Spinal and SCS2 – Extremities replaced with CS1 – Upper Quarter and CS2 – Lower Quarter. For those practitioners wishing to complete the previous format, there will be an opportunity to do so with a SCS1 in Sydney in March and a SCS2 in Adelaide in August. For those practitioners beginning their counterstrain journey, the new CS1 & CS2 format will offer a new perspective on how to apply counterstrain as a complete treatment approach. Enjoy your xmas and I look forward to catching you at a course in 2019. Cheers, Haydn.

Randall Kusunose teaching SCS3 Cranial in Adelaide – November, 2018

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