Counterstrain Conference 2018

It’s been a while since my original post but attending the recent inaugural Counterstrain Conference in Bend, Oregon has prompted me to share the experience. Over 70 therapists from around the globe joined Tim Hodges, JSCCI for a packed 4 days of training. The conference began with a reminder that “soft skills” such as building rapport and empathy with your patient is every bit as important as the “hard” technical skills. We then looked at the cranial scan and the “false positives” that occur when there are local sutural or dural restrictions within the cranium and learnt scans around the mastoid and sphenoid to identify this. Treatment techniques to close the sutures or shorten the dura helped clear the local cranial restrictions before repeating the scan for the musculoskeletal system along the superior temporal line, venous/ lymphatic system adjacent the saggital suture, arterial system along the zygoma, visceral system around the mastoid process and nervous system on the occiput and frontal bones. Treatment of each system followed and proved to be a wonderful extension of the Fascial Intro 3 day course in what was essentially the Counterstrain Academy’s module 1 of their mastery program. I was delighted that¬† former Adelaidian and long time friend, Greg Zadow (see photo) was awarded Academy instructor status. Hopefully Greg can visit Australia in the near future to share his wealth of knowledge. I left the conference with a new appreciation of how far counterstrain has progressed and a even stronger commitment to help the global spread of the technique. If you aren’t aware of the launch of the new website please take the time to explore the site which has a mass of helpful information for both you and your clients. Cheers, Haydn


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